earring remover

Easily removing stuck earring backs with the ez-Release earring removal tool. The ez-Release earring remover is designed specifically for difficult to remove stud or post style earrings including starters and piercing earrings! The engagement tips allow you to easily hold onto virtually any butterfly earring back with two loops.

how to use

ez-Release is easy to use! Slide tip prongs into earring back and squeeze. That’s it!


Ergonomic design allows for simple single handed use by the earring wearer or by another person lending a helping hand. Shape and size allows for easy access behind the ear.


Works with butterfly or two-loop style backs. Simply engage the prongs and then squeeze to remove the earring. If the back is not fully removed after the first squeeze, release and squeeze again.


Allows the earring post to be pushed out of the earring back without applying any pressure to the ear lobe. The earring wearer will hardly feel a thing!

Within literally seconds the earring backs were off with ZERO pain.

Jen “mommy to almost three” from amazon.com

Note: the ez-Release does not work with plastic ear nuts, or dome style backs made by Inverness that are sold by Walmart and are one of the starter earring options at Piercing Pagoda.